Hugh's Gardens LLC
Address: 100 3rd St W Halstad, MN, 56548
Phone: 701-793-6830
About Us
Hugh's Gardens LLC is a certified organic potato storage and wash/package facility located in Halstad, MN. Each year 2-3 small family farm partners grow the certified organic potatoes and then harvest and haul them to Halstad where we store, wash, pack, and market the potatoes throughout the Midwest region. We primarily deliver to wholesale distributors, but also work directly with school districts, grocery stores, restaurants, and many other food entities as well as directly to consumers.
Each family farm must have and maintain certified organic status and the storage/wash facility is also 100% certified organic. Hugh's Gardens is also USDA Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certified which means we follow strict food safety guidelines throughout our operation and are inspected each year. All of our packaging is recyclable.