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Nourished by Nature
Contact: Paul & Jazmin Brown
Address: 3752 106th St. NE Bismarck, ND, 58503
Phone: 701-527-5573
About Us
On 5,000 working acres, we raise 100% grass-finished beef and lamb, pastured pork, chicken, and eggs, raw and unfiltered honey. We also grow cover crops that help us build organic matter and improve soil health to provide nutrient dense feed for our livestock.
Here at Nourished by Nature we believe that the quality of the food we raise depends on the quality of the soil on which it is grown or raised. Our belief is that if we have healthy soil it will provide for clean air, clean water, healthy plants, healthy animals, and healthy people. Soils that are biologically active produce foods that are higher in vitamin and mineral content and when we eat these foods, these vitamins and minerals are passed on to us. These soils are also able to store more carbon and water which has a positive impact on the environment. Through the practice of regenerative agriculture, we represent a beyond organic approach that increases nutrient density in all of the products we offer.