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Brendemuhl Produce
Address: 2416 120th Ave N Moorhead, MN, 56560
Phone: 701-866-6994
About Us
Our family farm planted a garden for our personal home use just like many other farms. When our oldest daughter was 8 years old, she looked at the abundant production from the garden and had a vision of providing wholesome, fresh, and tasty vegetables to others. This was a dream of hers since she was 4 years old. We decided that it would be an excellent learning experience for the kids to pursue this venture. What better way to learn and build lifelong lessons necessary for a successful and productive life.

This has evolved into a family affair of producing fresh local produce for many customers. All four of our children are involved in raising, weeding, harvesting, and marketing the produce (with help from Mom and Dad of course). Our 3rd generation family farm is located in rural Moorhead adjacent to the Buffalo River. This gives us a unique soil type that is great for producing flavorful vegetables. Our greatest specialty is the production of delicious sweet corn. Our soil type along with the unique variety’s that we grow and our special harvesting procedures will provide you with some of the freshest and best tasting sweet corn you will experience. People also rave about our robustly flavorful onions and the green beans that are fresh and tender.

Being a 3rd generation farm, we have learned the importance of caring for the land. Our goal is to leave the land in even better shape for the next generation. We employ Sustainable production practices and always strive to provide the safest and freshest food available. We have strict guidelines in how we harvest our produce and guarantee that it is fresher than anything you can buy in the store. Any fresh produce that does not sell within 18 hours of harvest either gets donated to a food shelf or used for our personal use. We utilize multiple plantings throughout the year to maintain a fresh supply of vegetables. We are Primus GAP (USDA Good Agricultural Practices) certified on our onion production which means we follow strict food safety guidelines and have an annual inspection. To further ensure safety, we test our water annually.